Tell us about yourself.

I am a girl that enjoys all of the light things in life! Feeling truly feminine and pretty and pink makes my heart sing! Although there are so many different aspects to me - an academic, a waitress, a performer and an auntie - I always incorporate a little bit of light and fun to it, because why not! 

What inspired you to be involved in this campaign shoot?

The social media post by Luno & Stella reaching out for models was initially sent to me by my sister and it triggered me to ‘take the leap’. I've never been so chuffed to say my intuition was right, as everything about this campaign shoot screams women supporting women and acceptance from start to finish.

What is your proudest achievement?

I wish I had a defining moment to answer this with, but honestly there are times I look back at my life and see where I am today and think 'wow, I’ve been levelling up slowly this whole time’! My unrelenting desire to change and move and grow will always be what I’m proudest of, even if it’s baby steps.

Which women inspire you the most and why?

The women who inspire me most are those who are so unapologetically themselves, including all the bits that have been shamed along the way. Women who are told that a part of them isn't what it should be and flaunting it anyway. I know I have work to do to reach that point in a way that truly sets me free, but as long as there are women being free in their souls regardless, I will strive to meet them there.

This year’s International Women’s Day 2024 theme is #InspireInclusion. What does this mean to you?

I have been part of minority groups my entire life and had the ‘minority’ part shoved in my face. Inclusion can look a million diffferent ways, but the acknowledgment of differences within the mosaic of society and speaking on them in a way that embraces those differences and emphasises the positive impact that has on individuals and on society as a whole, is what inclusion means to me. We are people and the nuances within that are so beautiful they should not be hidden behind the worry of insult or offence, but taught to be treated with enthusiasm and respect that I know we will one day reach.

Quite simply there were a group of women in a venue being authentic and clapping for each other while they did so. 

It was safe it was magical and it made me feel like I was sat up in the clouds somewhere where only we could see the rolling vineyards. 

I want to that day over again every day of my life no question

Photo credit - Lillians Lens Photography; Freckle Photography

Video credit - Capture Weddings

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